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We are very close on this barn project. This week things are moving quickly. Last Monday night we had a lot of people come out to thank God for all He has done and is doing as well as pray for this God project to move forward. God is at work.

Tuesday (7/27), I met with our General Contractor, Larson Building. We were in need of $40,651 to keep the barn project on track. This gets us to a stopping point with all the work we have going, paying each contractor in full.

• Roof on

• Siding on

• Slab poured

• Windows in

On Wednesday (7/28) night, we had a donor respond to cover the $40k to keep the project moving. Incredibly grateful to the Lord.

We now have the funds to pay for the above items and get the following things started/completed because the next items listed have all been fully donated.

  • HVAC (B&D Heating/Plumbing)

  • Electrical (Becher Electric)

  • Plumbing (Precision Heating and Plumbing)

  • Fire/Sprinkers (Escape Fire)

  • Gravel Road/Gravel parking lot (Gary Fehn and his family)

I am working with Larson Building on the numbers that we need to finish and get a Certificate of Occupancy from the City. We need around $200,000 to get this project complete. (*Note: this number ($200k) assumes best case scenario with donated materials and labor)

We will have to stop further work on the barn without more dollars coming in.

We are depending on God to fund this project. No loans. No debt. God will provide.

This is a $1,750,000 project on 4.1 acres of donated land. All in it is a $2.1m project. We are trusting God 100% for the funding on this. We started raising money for this project in late 2020. God has blessed His Barn in astonishing ways. Make no mistake, God will get 100% credit for this project…for His purpose…for His glory.

LOCAL LABOR From volunteers like us:

  • Foam Floor install: Next week, I will be sending out a request for families and students to come help put down 4x8 sheets of foam on the floor to get ready for the slab to be poured…this will likely be Tuesday/Wed./Thursday night….one of those

  • Wall framing. Have about 2 days of framing work for a skilled carpenter. Looking for labor to be donated. We will buy the lumber. (Week of Aug. 9th)

  • Drywall. (material donated). We will hang the drywall. Looking for a taper/finisher to donate the finish work. (after framers are done)

  • Painting. Looking for painter to donate painting drywall (kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, pantry, utility room) (week of Aug. 16th or 23rd)

STMA Breakfast Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is fully registered with both Minnesota and with the IRS. We use an outside accounting firm that handles all of our books, record keeping, and tax filings. If you have questions or need more information.

Please call Jake 651.485.0207 or Christy at 763.691.3106.

Please pray. God is working. He can handle this. This project is going to happen and the name of Jesus is going to be lifted up. Thousands are watching this God side project happen.

To God Be the Glory

In this together with you all….

Jake and Christy

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